Forest Resiliency in Lake and Klamath Counties

Today our forests in Lake and Klamath Counties are in jeopardy. Insect infestations, overstocked Western juniper, and an altered fire regime have all led to heavy fuel loads. A single lightning strike today has a greater probability of creating a catastrophic wildfire that will burn hotter and more intensely than historical natural fire. Our forests need YOUR HELP to be restored to their once-resilient state and reverse these trends.

Private landowners, along with state and federal entities, must work together across jurisdictional boundaries to effect change on a landscape level. To restore ecological resiliency to our forests and ensure economic viability of our communities, Klamath-Lake Forest Health Partnership (KLFHP) is providing technical and financial support to forest landowners in critical areas with the greatest opportunity for impact across public and private land.

The KLFHP utilizes an 8-step process to implement private forestland restoration. We work with landowners to map their forest resources and fire risk at no cost or obligation to them. We can provide information about the condition of your forest and recommendations on how to reduce your wildfire risk, and discuss treatment options best-suited for your property management goals and the landscape.

Click Here to watch a short video about how we can work together to restore our forests!